Quality DOES Matter…

Zippy is happy to be back home.

After 6 great weeks visiting customers in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Akron, Charlotte, St. Louis, Jacksonville, and ….oh I can’t remember….the one thing that I do remember the most is that customers now realize that ‘Cheap Accessories’ are not good for business anymore !! At NACS, everyone agreed that poor quality is hurting the category, and they are ready to make a change. At the FESCO show, we heard exactly the same sentiment.

People are paying $500 – $800 for their devices now.  They don’t want it to break because someone made a cheap add on. People rely on these devices and they need their power…they need their sound. Stores are starting to realize that their customers will pay a few bucks more if they can trust the quality. A product that works 3 times and breaks – is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.

They don’t want that little image on their iPhone 5 that says ‘ YOU GOT SWINDLED – THIS CABLE IS A KNOCKOFF and ISN’T MADE TO WORK WITH YOUR PHONE, SUCKER‘.  (I think Apple says it a little nicer, but you know that’s what they want to say !!) I am STANDING UP and PROCLAIMING to the world – YOU CAN have:

– Quality Products
– Attractive packaging
– For a reasonable price!!!

BIG BANG…BOOM !!! Yes – Zippy just jumped up and is making a gigantic declaration. (No fat jokes please !!!)

Stop Accepting the garbage that makes your customers not want to come back to you. Stop accepting the “We’ll put our products in your store on consignment, and replace the 30% – 40% defective ones at no cost to you.” Ahem  – that’s BS.

The cost to you is the lost profit when your customers don’t come back. START being a part of CHANGE. START giving your customers what they will pay for. Consumers are smarter. As a buyer for Retail, you need to be smarter too. You don’t need all the SKU’s anymore, you only need a handful of the right products. Sure – if you have the space, then go ahead and add a couple of extra items, but make sure they are items that compliment the core items, and if you choose quality, your customers will come back.

Lets face it – that’s what it’s about – offering useful items that your customers need at the right price. You do this – and they MIGHT remember you…BUT…if you don’t do this…I guarantee they will remember you.

– Zippy

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