More Power, Argh Argh Argh…

We will channel our best Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor in today’s Blog.

More POWER !!! That’s exactly what mobile device users constantly need. Both the iPhone and Android Smartphones seem to last at best – 1/2 a day – before needing to recharge. The 4G wireless networks are faster, but they eat up more power. Add the fact that most people leave their Bluetooth on so it automatically syncs with their car, and you have a major power drag.

I’m old school – in that I still use a blackberry. It’s funny how many strange looks I get when people see I’m using my blackberry. It’s great for the 3 things I really want from my Mobile Phone: Email, Good Phone (anyone wonder what happened to AT&T’s ‘You can hear a pin drop’ campaign???) and Battery Life.

Yeah – I miss out on all the games and silly apps – but – the Blackberry is there when I need it. Yeah – call me crazy (maybe a new song – after the Call Me Maybe craze…) When you travel – the most popular seat in the airport is the one next to the power outlet. I’ve seen people almost miss their flight because they were powering up away from their gate.

Heck – I always travel with a small power extension cord so if there are no plugs – I can share one. In the last 12 months, we have seen the increase of items like our Battery Backup (650up) and iPhone Battery Cases (62AiP4). Doctor friends of mine, who use their iPhone at the Hospital, are loving the Battery Case since they no longer need to worry about their battery during the day. I’m curious – if you have an iPhone 5 now, or the Samsung Galaxy III – is your battery life better, or worse?

– Zippy

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