Have Phones turned into Star Trek?

I always thought it interesting when I watched Star Trek, how everyone was dressed the same in the future. Yeah, they had slightly different colors, and maybe a button here or there that was different on their clothing, but mostly, our writers and costume designers of today, for some reason, saw the future as a place where we all wore the same ‘uniform’. And I’m not just talking about their ‘business’ attire. starcloth-300x169

It seems that’s exactly what’s happening with our mobile devices.  They all look the same. The reasons seem obvious – we are trying to maximize the space of the phone, and get as much on it, and out of it, as we can, while still fitting into our pocket or pocketbook – (do they even still use that word?)

Back Camera? Check! Front Camera? Check ! Flash / Flashlight? Check / Check ! And it’s not just the phones we use for ‘business’ since we all seem to need these ultra functioning devices in our personal life as well.

Side Thought – I wonder how many people do as I do, and LEAVE THEIR PHONE IN THE CAR when having dinner with family & friends??? !!! As some cities have done with smoking, we should make a ‘no phone or smoking inside the restaurant’ policy.

Back to my point…the new Samsung looks very similar to the iPhone. Yes – there are very slight differences, but mostly, they are the same. Tablets? The same.  iPhone has dominated the industry with 1 phone, even though they release updates twice a year. Samsung Galaxy IV? Looks like the Samsung III, and the II, and the I. samsungviphoneWith their strong success, I wonder if Samsung will just continue with 1 phone in their line, like iPhone has.   Yes – we have color options, and of course the cases allow us to show our personality, like a tie around a man’s neck, but overall, things are just like Star Trek of the future…..

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