Look Ma…. No Hands !!!

4-300x212I think we should all have Gun Turrets on our Cars !! Yes – I said it. Now, don’t get too upset with me….Yes – there are a few people who deserve the full monte here, but that’s not what I’m suggesting. I think we should have PAINT BALL Guns locked and loaded, so that when we see that person texting and swerving because they are looking at their phone, putting on makeup, or have their dog blocking their view as his head is out the drivers window, we should be allowed to PAINT their car.
We could even color code it.  BLUE for Texting, RED for Makeup, GREEN for FOOD….etc.   This way, when you get near a car that has paint ball splatter all over it, you’ll know that you should give them an EXTRA LARGE cushion.    5-300x225
It’s really a Safety thing…the life I save may be your kids !!! 12 States now have a PRIMARY law forcing HANDSFREE Driving.   Primary means that a police officer is allowed to pull over the driver based specifically on observing the use of a portable device while driving. THIS IS AWESOME !!!  Check it out.
The following states/regions have mandatory Handsfree laws: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Washington,W. Virginia 37 States ban use by Novice Drivers (that was a stupid compromise…if you are going to the effort to do what’s right, go all the way!!) I understand the need to use your devices at various times….I’m just suggesting that you use a Handsfree headset, or a Bluetooth device integrated in your car.   It’s not expensive, and it’s a heck of a lot easier. As for the people doing makeup while driving…that one is beyond me.
9– Zippy

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