Lewis & Clark ~ I get it now

Are there any new lands left to explore?

I wonder if Lewis & Clark would have embarked on their adventure if they had an iPhone (or Samsung Galaxy for that matter). I am generally an early adopter in most things technology, but I admit I finally purchased my first iPhone, because of a new item that we will launch soon.

In the first 2 days – I fully get why people love their Smartphones. There seems to be an APP for everything. Yelp, Google, Farts (why are these sounds always so funny … to EVERYONE ???), if you can think of it, someone else has probably made an APP for it.

This makes things in our world so much easier, but I question at what expense. Have we now lost our sense of adventure, because finding things is so much easier?  Have we lost our willingness, and potentially, or ability to communicate with other people because all we need to do is ask “Siri” what to do? No longer do I need to stop at the Circle K and ask for directions, I just GPS where I want to go.  If I don’t know, I YELP to find what I want, then I GPS.

Its all so easy, and I admit, fun at times.  I just wonder if moving our brain to our SMARTPHONES is making us DUMB PEOPLE. Progress is progress, and I live it every day. My livelihood depends on it. Will the future DUMB PEOPLE find new things to explore? Can the everyday person hitch his wagon to a horse and explore new worlds, or is all innovation going to be in the nano-world where the common man will be left behind? We hope that technology helps us and makes us smarter.  The caveman use to hunt for food everyday just to stay alive.  Today, we complain if someone has 11 items in the 10 item checkout.

Are we losing our basic skills, or do these luxury’s of today, allow us to focus on solving bigger problems of tomorrow?

– Zippy

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