What happened to hearing the Pin Drop?

Zippy has been sitting high on a mountain top for a few days pondering deep thoughts….

1-300x199Remember AT&T’s old AD campaign where the most important part of your selection of which Phone Company to use was the ability to hear the person you are talking to? Have you ever seen a Mobile Phone ad focus on the call quality.  They focus on the camera, the apps, your data plan and your friends and family, but they have totally ignored the fact that half our phone calls are spent asking the other person to repeat what they said because you can’t understand them.  
2-250x300Did companies loose focus on what’s really important to the consumer?  Do they ask? Do they care?  Is some mid-level marketing person just trying to make a name for himself by showing creativity, or have we totally lost focus on what’s really important, in favor of what the buzz is right now? Along the lines of a lack of customer focus, when does a business hit the point where you can’t squeeze any more pennies out of a good product before lowering its quality, and customers start to focus again on good service, and working with someone you trust?  As a customer yourself, do you value your working relationship anymore with your suppliers, or is profit the only driving force today?      
  3Are we as a group better then we were 20 years ago? 50 years? 100 years?  As we evolve, are the people looking out for themselves, or their grandchildren?  Will we be better in 100 years? 50 Years? 20 Years?  What does the future hold for a society that is only out for itself? Are we there?  Are we on that road?  Is there a way to reverse the trend? What say you? – Zippy

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