It is Apple’s own technology used for data or power connections with devices such as iPhones and iPads. The connector can be inserted with either side facing up. Official Lightning connectors contain an authentication chip. Look for products that have this logo

U.S.B. stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a standardized connection type for use with computers and electronic devices. USB can refer to the connector type or to the protocols. The most common connector types are USB-A, USB-B, USB-Micro B, USB-C

USB-A is probably the most common type of USB connector. You’ll find this at one end of many cables, including Lightning. It is used to plug into the host. Commonly, that is a computer but it can also be a wall charger, car chargers, or a vehicle equipped with USB.

Micro-B, or “Micro” as it is commony called is used for connecting small mobile devices for charging or data transfer. It is currently the most common type of connector for Android based phones.

USB-C is the latest connector type in the USB family and has enhanced data and power capability. Newer devices such as the Galaxy S8 and Pixel use this type of connector. Like the Lightning connector, it can be inserted with either side facing up.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that currently transmits data over short distances using radio waves. It can be used in devices such keyboards and mice, headphones and other audio systems, or even personal networks capable of communicating with several different devices. A manufacturer must meet strict standards in order to call a device Bluetooth.

Quick Charge is a technology created by a company called QualComm. It is designed to safely draw as much power from a power supply (charger, power bank, etc.) as a device can support. QualComm promises current charging speeds up to 75% faster than standard USB for version 2.0 and up to 240% for version 3.0 for devices that contain this technology.

Qi (pronounced CHEE) is a technology standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It is a method of charging that uses magnetic coils to transmit electricity wirelessly. Most commonly this is done with a mobile phone resting on a wireless pad.

“Smart Chip” or Smart IC is a technology that is built into a charger that can identify the maximum amount of power that a device can handle. The charger will then deliver that power to the device safely without exceeding the product’s specifications. This enables a powerful charger with “Smart Chip” to be used with devices that have lower power standards.

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