Consumer Psychology~~~Smells like Fish~~~the Really Good kind !!!

About 5 months ago, Zippy jumped off his lily pad after talking to his good friend Mot and decided the future looked good in Fish…bowls that is.   So into the think-tank Zippy went, and when he came out he had concocted a new delivery system for ZipKord – the Colorful ZipKord Fishbowl series. mini-car-charger-300x200In a very awesome way, the colorful cables and power adapters have taken over the conversation in a way few could predict.  The standard professional ‘black and red’ chargers and cables are still going strong, but the colors and candy feel of reaching your hand into the fishbowl and pulling out your favorite flavor, has really taken us by surprise.   Currently, over 800 of our customer stores are selling a variety of these products, and everyone is very happy with the results. Why you ask?  We asked the same question, and we came up with a few reasons:

  • Colors capture people’s eyes
  • Easy Access, right at the checkout
  • Great (cheap) price, with obvious quality design
  • The fun of reaching in to a bowl of ‘stuff’ and picking out a winner !!

Our distributor partners are liking it because the bowls have 40 units in them, so it’s the same decision process for the retailers, but a larger and longer term sale.   And the Results?  Our first customer who started selling the 1 Amp Car adapter in 300 stores, has sold over 12,000 units in just under 3 months.   Incremental sales in a category that was sluggish before. The point of this blog?  Mostly to let you know that in sales, we’ve learned that understanding a bit of Consumer Psychology has gone a long way to the success of this new product, and the results are awesome !!!      fb3_dc2_3_sm-204x300fb4_310_np_sm-300x222

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